b. 1986, HK.

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was founded by Piera Blodwell, a Public Relations professional who carries over 30 years of experience in communications strategy. With her experience in public relations, media relations, marketing, advertising and event planning, she has forged relationships with the world’s luxury market.

PR SOLO is dedicated to implementing communications and Public Relations programs that are highly effective in the tasks of comprehending, respecting, highlighting, legitimizing and preserving the client’s image.

The programs’ goals are always directed to build knowledge of target audience based on the key pillars of brand image.

By interacting with national and foreign markets daily through celebrity placement and brand imaging, PR SOLO is able to implement efficient communication strategies and generate significant business results. 

PR SOLO’s spectrum of clients spread from high end fashion brands to promising talented artisanal designers. This combination brings an unlimited business growth potential .

PR SOLO is the oldest and most experienced fashion PR firm in Los Angeles, for this reason PR SOLO has the best and closest relationships with every major fashion editor, artist and influencer in the entertainment industry, not only in the US but all over the world. 



Alpana Neeraj

Anicy Manuguian 

House of Hend

JF London

Crowns by Jimmy Garcia

Rozaliya Jewelry

Stone Symbol Jewelry

Xylea Collection